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Why I traced my Roots


Our Roots

Did we need to know where we came from?

After I had half the office walk past my desk and giggle to see me point to a white General as my Great, Great Grandfather.  I thought the timing was right to delve into my roots.

Being a very inquisitive child, Anytime the picture box was brought out, I wanted to know about every one in the pictures, Their names was not enough for me.  I wanted more than this is Uncle ...  I wanted to know what he did, and what history he left. 

Once, when I was going through the picture box, I came across a well-dressed elderly bi-racial man.  He stood out amongst all the pictures in the box.  I asked, "who is this?" and I was told that is Grandpa.  And I said but he is "white" and the answer was "yes" (Duh! can't you tell from his looks).  Unfortunately that was about all I knew of the grand-pa.

Years later, I came to face the same question, and this time the question was what would send me on an emotional roller coaster.  It was September 10th, 1991 at 11am to be precise, and I was just recovering from the general anesthesia I had received during my child's birth.  I was just glad to be awake and hear a baby cry, and this time around, the cry sounded like healthy baby.   

I was wondering why my spouse did  have the puzzled look.  It was no regular look, it was more of the look like I had just delivered an alien.  I inquired, what the matter was, And he said "its the Baby” My heart just sunk, the reason is, less than a year ago, I had a healthy son who died ten days later of a blood disorder.  I was hoping my new baby did not have the same disorder.  I asked what was wrong with the baby.  He said "The baby looks white”.  Well Then!!! this is the best time to use labour pains language. but no!!  My Mama raised me well.  I did the modest thing,  used the little strength I had and rolled my eyes and kissed my teeth and said "Okay"  and went back to bed.

Few weeks later, His friends were over to visit the new baby, and I overheard His friends comment on how the baby had no resemblance to his Father, and also believed the baby had a white Dad. I was even more devastated when I overheard my son's Dad reply by saying. "Only Mother's Know”.  This did not end there,  It went on for years until several years later, when a cousin of mine mentioned to the Father that, if he had any doubts, She will pay for a DNA test. ( And of course, that means litigation will follow)  Even though it kept him quiet, I knew in his mind he still has his doubts.




My Roots

How could a beautiful celebration, be ruined by hurtful comments.  Those who are fortunate to have been born with two eyes should never view life through just one and no matter what the situation is, and if you are confused about life, there is one prayer that will provide the key to your tranquility and it is simply to say "Thank You’.

My quest for tracing my family roots is not due to an ignorant comment,  to satisfy my curious mind.  I chose now because there is no wrong time to do the right thing.  

My search and answers should also include why two of my sisters have hazel eyes and light complexion, And Aunty Clara looked WHITE, Hey whilst we are at it will not hurt to know why, Uncle Bill is called Bronyi (when he as dark as me).

I have matured in the last few years, and I think I am strong enough to handle whatever comes out of this. It is far more fulfilling just to be yourself than to waste your life trying to be something you are not. I think I am just being ME!

Delving into my roots is to answer questions my sons, nieces and nephews will one time in their lives want answered. My Sister,Aunt, and my Son do not have the same features like I do, but that does not make them less of a Daniels.  They have Grandpa's strong genes and are all  just as beautiful  as the rest of us with  Dark Cocoa Skin.



A patient Heart will not be disappointed

When we are able to know that there is no a longer separation between the spirit, the body, and the mind, we will have reached our destination.  I have my homecoming now. 

Uncle Bill, All I can say is "great Minds think alike" I know your reasons for researching was to let your Grand children know the legacy their Grandparents left.

To all the older and younger generation of Daniels, Your great, great Grandfathers have toiled hard enough for you, all you have to do is to adorn your crowns, as the prince and princess that you are and enjoy their labor.